&are you;Qué has gone with the home-cooked meal?

I don't know if you have realized the evolution that is taking our kitchen, every time are more people who eat daily frozen foods instead of enjoying a varied diet and home. What consequences can bring us this?

The evolution of the kitchen

Our pace of life is causing it not to take care of our food, our first choice for eating out are the frozen foods and pre-cooked food so that we lose very many nutrients.

And not only happens in our house, when we have a moment to enjoy a meal outside of home we choose the great franchises that we also prepare dishes, frozen and pre-cooked so you're not taking the opportunity to enjoy of a good gastronomy.

In my case, many times I have to eat out or prepare food for several days, but when it comes time to make something homemade for the same day... How is note on the palate!

We are losing a wonderful opportunity to cook and enjoy real delicacies because many people no longer cook, not because is difficult but because it involves time. Let us not take and chances for a healthy diet.

I propose the same thing when you go to a restaurant, choose a small restaurant, of your trust, the there are at affordable prices and offer you some homemade dishes wonderful, you'll notice the difference right away.

Fresh products

Another of our options at the time of cooking is choosing fresh, something totally advisable.

I know that it is difficult to keep it up on a daily basis but to bet on fresh products that contain all the vitamins and nutrients that the body needs to function the right way, but you will realize that you will notice increased well-being, both in the aroma and in the flavor.

When I talk about fresh products, I refer to both the fruit and the vegetables, the fish and even fresh products such as cooked ham.

If the three meals that do not can be fresh, or food that is not frozen or precooked, let's try to keep at least one of the main meals yes it is, do it for your palate and for your health.