Recipes for Tofu for the Dukan diet


In Saborgourmet we have already explained what is tofu and how to cook it because it involves an ingredient that seems to be gaining popularity and not only among those looking for a healthy food and mainly vegan. There are also many people who follow special diets, and very famous, looking for recipes in which the tofu is a main element, so that below we give you some recipes for tofu for the dukan diet.


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Recipes for Tofu for the Dukan diet


Before to give you some recipes for tofu for the Dukan diet have to establish the basis on what exactly this diet for those who do not yet know, despite being one of the most famous currently.

The Dukan diet comes to us from France and from the hand of the nutritionist and dietitian French, Pierre Dukan who had more than 30 years in applying its methods nutritional to lose weight, but that it was not until 2000 with the publication of his book when he gave it to the world, becoming one of the architects of the diet more well-known currently.

This diet basically consists of the mass consumption of protein. The diet is divided into two first phases ( phase of attack phase and cruise) that are designed to get rid of the extra pounds, and then of other two phases ( phase consolidation phase and stabilization) and that will help us to maintain our new weight forever.

The four stages held in common than there are that feed on certain days only with proteins, but unlike other diets dissociated as the Dukan, there is no prohibition on the consumption of butter or oil.

In addition, as it moves in the different phases of the diet can go eating only protein to add all the basic elements for a healthy diet.In addition, it is also important the consumption of water, a minimum of twelve glasses a day.

Pizza of tofu Dukan diet


A rich pizza base tofu that we can enter perfectly into our Dukan diet,and in which, as I pointed out above are authorized oil and butter.


  • 125-140 gr of tofu
  • 1 or 2 egg whites
  • 1 cc of ground oregano ground
  • 1 cc rasa of cornstarch
  • aroma: butter and toast
  • Tracing paper

The tofu that you buy must be hard so that we can easily make the dough for the pizza. Sold in centres such as El corte inglés or in the Market and tend to go in packaging of 125 grams.


Toss the tofu, the egg whites and oregano (a small tablespoon), and cornstarch (one tablespoon very very small), in the blender so that we can get a dough that is smooth although you will notice that it is not exactly a mass very smooth to say (is what you has the hard tofu).

We took out the dough from the mixer and extend it on a good piece of greaseproof paper. It must be distributed so uniform and without the mass of the center is thicker than the sides because we don't want that to break on one side or the other.

Once the dough is well extended we have to put it in the oven with the parchment paper, to a temperature of 180 degrees for 15 minutes.

Once you have spent the time, we used another parchment paper to flip the dough and we put it in the oven between 5 and 10 minutes, and with the same temperature.

Once you've built the mass, we can already fill with what we want although best natural ingredients, such as tomatoes, peppers, etc....and we place it in the oven for another ten minutes.

Cake of tofu and chocolate Dukan diet


A rich chocolate cake in which the tofu is the main ingredient and that is perfect for taking it if you're doing the Dukan diet


  • 250 grams of tofu silky
  • 3 egg whites
  • 1 cs of cornstarch
  • 1 cc of cocoa
  • 1 cc of sweetener suitable for cooking
  • 1 cc of yeast


Toss all ingredients in the blender and once we have achieved that everything is well mixed put it in the silicone mold in the oven at 180 degrees for approximately 45 minutes.

It is a simple recipe and you must make sure that as the cake goes up also the interior is going cooking. Do not open the oven in the first 25 minutes and from here you can skewer the cake to check if it is going to be completely. To do this prick a little with a toothpick or the tip of a knife is fine, if you see that you get it completely clean after these 45 minutes, your cake is done.

Video Recipe of Tofu for the Dukan diet